A brilliant media strategy will be totally wasted unless it is associated with ambition. DAAL Productions was established in 2013 in Egypt.
 We are a live example of people driven by passion. Growing new techniques in various productions, archiving remarkable events in a form of documentaries based on thoughtful research.
Introducing Entertainment TV Programs, providing high quality media services and supporting the cinema industry by presenting valuable works…

DAAL Production Services

DAAL Media department offers full production services for local and international clients. Our services cover all elements of locations and studios, including pre-production assistance, production budgeting and scheduling, crewing and transportation.
You can also have access to shooting, lighting, sound recording and grip equipment.
We can handle your entire postproduction services requirements (editing, color grading, visual effects VFX, audio editing, Foley and sound mixing".

DAAL Production Services
DAAL Production Services