Daal - Objective of the Center

Objective of the Center

The Center aims at the contribution to an industry of civilized community model, based upon the scientific knowledge in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, facing and stripping the darkness thought whatever its sources and directions.
In addition, by its researching activity "DAAL" Center for Researches and Media Production seeks to disseminating the scientific awareness for the Egyptian and Arab public opinion with the important cases in the world in general and in the Arab world and Egypt in particular aiming at enlightening the public opinion with these cases and rationalizing the decision making process.

Frame of the Center, fields of work and activity

The researching, media, archiving and training work for "DAAL" Center is widened to include nucleus of the resident personnel reaching a number of 10 researchers and a frame for administrative and researching secretariat. Also, a number of senior researchers are contributing to the researching center activities. Its activities are widened to include a wide network of researchers in different cognitive fields.
The field studies unit includes a wide network of the researchers specialized in the work field and data collection and analysis in more than seven Egyptian governorates as a start aiming to establish a wide work plan in the coming years to cover the sides of Egypt El-Mahrousa as a whole.