Research Center:

"DAAL" Center is a center for researches and media production. It indicates to reservoir of knowledge and reality. At the same time, it does not consider itself as guardian upon it. Its main focus is evidencing the way to the objective knowledge without restricting upon a party, current or ideology by itself.
From the other side, "DAAL" Center tries in an age that media progressed and developed to transfer the research and knowledge to informative media material where it embodies the letters in forms accessible to the public throughout the world. It is an original form based upon a condensed research and profound technical vision.


" A Brilliant Media Strategy is totally Wasted Unless it is Associated with Ambition. DAAL Productions Was Established in 2013,In Egypt .



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DAAL is composed of emerging talents working side by side with a great passion for film making, redefining documentaries, features films ,short films,TV Shows, TV Series, TV Commercials and Live events.


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